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Portrait Véronique Tarka

Véronique Tarka


Very young lover of the "Nouvelle Vague" movies, reflector of a period, she made her life a true scenario through his images.
In 1973, she discovered at 9 years old the black and silver photography and participates in a development of a workshop with which it designs her first exhibition at 11 years old, Parisian character portraits in motion like in the movies. In 1978, at 14, she directed short films in 16mm. Curious and devourer of the surroundings and the characters, she is positioning as a witness of our time through photography and film.
In 1980, at age 16, she practices using analogue photo format Hasselblad who did leave more. She will dedicate itself later series "Blad, my love."

Her artistic approach is to capture the emotion and capture movement, to find the right fit between form and substance, so that it seems to be no alternative to reveal a soul or describe a landscape. But the decisive encounter of his artistic life was in 1980 with an exceptional man, his master, the photographer Lucien Clergue (1934-2014). This true human complicity with a passionate and artistic discovery through his series of photographs, "the sea of bare", "bare zebra", "four elements" to disrupt and encourage a passion for the body and the elements. After university studies in Paris, she specializes in the picture at the Higher School of Film Studies and the free academy of French cinema, and follows the professional photographic training at the Ecole des Gobelins.
By registering through his works, his tribute and celebration of life, through her eyes, she tells you her story filigree. Its objective highlights the terrestrial and human wealth. Each of his trips delivers a split second, a reality, constant witness of our happiness and our suffering. Today, in 2015, she shares them with you by projecting its achievements on bare body to give you a tour of the inner being ...

She continues to develop her pictures of art through exhibitions: In May 2015, Exposure Undress me, Naughty Box Gallery, Paris Fair, 575 thousand visitors. On the occasion of the month of women, "Rouen gives them" from February 23 to March 12, 2015 at Rouen City Hall Show, Exhibition EMOTION THEY - Portraits of women around the world. In March 2012, ATTENTION TALENTS Exhibition at City Hall of Neuilly sur Seine - series "FOR YOUR EYES BLACK" In December 2011, AROUND CHILDREN Exhibition at Gallery Parmentier in Neuilly sur Seine. In April 2010, BACKSTAGE Exhibition, Art Gallery Cannes Palm Beach.

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Start me up in a living room
Illusion in a bedroom

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