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Portrait Alain Cassaigne

Alain Cassaigne


Alain Cassaigne is a freelance professional photographer since fifteen years. He collaborated with several magazines and numerous publishers are also investing for thematic of authors in the long term as part of his own works. He has, to his credit, many black and white and color displays, in different themes. Attached to meetings and wandering, constantly seeking this attachment to human sensibility, writing of light, it works by favorites, see challenges to live the intimate interpretation of his emotions and his experiences. Always wanting to work outside the traditional conventions and frameworks, he likes to take risks and go all the way, to see beyond, its perceptions and choices.

In this exhibition, Alain Cassaigne was able to recreate his own thematic choices and his work presented today is acclaimed as an inspired work, both intimate and impressive commitment. This stunning exhibition is unclassifiable. Artistic, emotional, out of conventions, it captures, it intrigues, it questions, it seduces, it surprises, sometimes it shocks... At the intersection of sensuality and performance, it provides a clean view of the author that expresses itself in total freedom with many artistic references. Painting is here a violent tool that leads to spectacular ... yet so the food of the mind is bubbling, aesthetic gesture itself remains subtle and almost evanescent. Alain Cassaigne which in long worked with his ex-wife (co-signature) Continuous a copyright work as a photographer and continues its iconographic approach to human sculpture in a very personal angle. He divides his time between Berry and Paris.

Works of art in position

Le fauteuil in a living room
Pink splashing in a bedroom

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