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Portrait Alain Campello

Alain Campello


Alain Campello was born in Belfort (France) in 1951. He started painting in 1973. From 1987 onward, he worked as an independent video director: commissioned films, documentaries, computer graphics and cartoons. He was awarded a great number of prizes for his work. In 2003 he felt the need to come back to painting and devote himself entirely to it. He lives and works in Lognes, in the suburbs of Paris. He is also the president of the exhibition « Figuration Ctitique » and the head of the group « Evocation narrative » in the exhibition « Comparaisons » - Grand-Palais – Paris and Narro group promoter.

« I like to say that my paintings are evocative; I show images which are full of meaning and which come from my own personal subjectivity... These compositions refer to a constant source : memory ; either individual, historical or collective memory... Our imagination can then wander at free will with all these fragments of memory. Ghosts from the past, intimate memories, dreams, fantasy... They all invite us on a journey full of adventures for the mind... Joyful experiences which require, no doubt, to allow time for the eye to have a closer look ... »

Works of art in position

Bourlinguer 1 in a living room
La liseuse in a bedroom

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