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Portrait Alex Varenne

Alex Varenne

Painter - Drawer

No water, no life.
Mars lost its water and lost its life. By which blissful chemistry, the oxygen atoms have united with the hydrogen atoms to form the water molecule? From this miraculous wedding, the primordial and informal soup was born. Lightning and some ingredients launched the process of life and birth of the forms, the first bacteria. The formation of protective envelopes determined the structure of forms and allowed the transition from an informal world to a world of defined forms. This is the birth of the line. Graphically, the form that is identified is not disputed. Water creeps into all the interstices and fills all the voids. She extinguishes the fire, gnaws the iron and wins over all the elements. Like the seemingly inconsistent breaths, she penetrates everywhere and animates everything. It's the strength of the weak, the strength of YIN. "

In March 2018, for the opening of her gallery, Rachel Hardouin 15 curiosity + experiences welcomed and gave the floor to Alex VARENNE, godfather of Galerie Rachel Hardouin. Varenne is a prolific author with a complete libertine career. It questions our free will to the norms of sex, exploring the link between water and women through the history of Art. The artist pays homage to European classical painters and Japanese printmakers, as well as to the muses who embellished his life and inspired his career. His mastery of pop colors and the "flesh" line honors the most sensual curves and nourishes male and female fantasies.

Works of art in posittion

Le bain Turc in a living room
Nuit d'Asie in a bedroom

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