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Portrait Alexan


Plastic artist

His origins are a mixture of the islands and India. He begins his career in sound, brings his artistic touch by vibrations of lights and becomes creative of emotions. Passionate about traveling around the world, he will travel the many cultures of distant countries. Discovering in each country a different art, his need to give life to his inspirations becomes obvious.

For 6 years, matter and sculpture have taken an important place in his imagination. He creates his footprints on female or male bodies. It all starts with the plaster with which he will mold the curves that inspire him. He draws a mold of elastomer and silicone, then works the resin around his creation. According to his inspiration, he will exploit different materials and embed them in his works. His technique is precise and personal. Each work is a poetry, where the light and the story are intertwined.

Works of art in position

Modèle femme in a living room
Etreinte mécanique in a bedroom

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