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Portrait Arielle Lange

Arielle Lange


Self-taught artist, lighting designer / stage manager of the theater, it is by accident that I paint, painting as such is not an issue for me by what is against it is to tell stories, my story, moments of my life past or present that delight me or disturb me, my fears or hopes for the future.
If I had the ability to write, I shall not paint, I shall write.
It is first of all the photomontage and the digital painting that stood out because they are tools quite natural for me, but print supports having a too 'smooth' depiction, association of the paint as medium became indispensable.
I do not paint that bare, but what I love and I'm looking in the nude or its suggestion beyond any erotic charm is fragile and emotional strength they bring to the characters.
My work can be summarized as : A laid bare with simple stories.

Works of art in position

Soirée de merde in a living room
Le balcon in a bedroom

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