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Portrait Jarek Kruk

Jarek Kruk


From 1980 to 1982 he studied painting and graphic design at the Institute of Fine Arts of Lublin in Poland. In 1983 he left Poland and moved to Lille in France and continued his studies at the Beaux Arts in Lille where he graduated in 1988. Established in 1988 in Paris, he continued his artistic activities. Participated in numerous exhibitions in France and Poland. His recent research figurative painting in acrylic and mixed media (acrylic, charcoal, collage ...), graphics (graphics tablet) together traditional techniques and digital. Projects: a special reflection on man, a question on the time, space and light; the real and the imaginary, false and the virtual. Making contemporary art or just make images in a contemporary way, just draw ... Near an artistic movement "The Décentrisme."

Works of art in position

Paris Sexy in a living room
6 in a bedroom

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