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Portrait Aurore Lephilipponnat

Aurore Lephilipponnat


In the cocoon chrysalis which I use, I already suffering from this fever for drawing, on the eve of my birth, November 24, 1983, in Chartres, love opens me and closes me as many times as inspiration and the need to paint settles because very early, my room became my temple and the white pages of wonderful tales where all my dreams become reality. Naturally, my life is dictated by the desire to become a painter. Based in Bordeaux after my literary tray, I leave for three years of adventures and quest myself with frustration not to be born artistic approaches. I decided to leave in my first year of master studies to find that person who lives in me and began years of discoveries, meetings and research. Still not finding my discipline at that time, I sneak into the world of computer graphics, as a graphic designer and poster artist, and somehow persevered in painting until I arrived in Sainte-Maxime, where I bind myself with an association, the Tabarnak, live art, with painters performers. From there was born my desire to reconnect with living matter, painting, large formats and experience nurtured by years, I move closer to subjects that become exciting for me in my art and life path. In 2008, in May, chance made me go in the Var, this region is my open chrysalis, that's when my inner discovery is born, as well as part of myself. I discovered Butoh dance in 2012, completely in love and inspired by the beauty of the movement and strength of this art, I began impulsive series, frantic, on this subject. Two years of fever, which subside with my discovery of meditation in Buddhism, and a deeper and subtle worldview. My painting is evolving in the shadow of my feelings, it is a meeting each time a love for human nature, the beauty that flows from the unshakable suffering of the human condition. The eye is the mirror of the soul and that I work my paintings express this pure vibration.

Works of art in position

Le groupe in a living room
Duo féminin 1 in a bedroom

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