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Portrait B. Brice

B. Brice


Learning a classic technique, this New Caledonian artist built his pictorial identity, leading to the mastery of the hyperreal.
This choice, although it was dictated by real preferences for figurative, is nevertheless the result of a journey of initiation, work on oneself and on topic. The subjects embraced by Brice are many and varied, but he admits some predilections.

For architecture, first: "For a bank to another, from light to dark, the architecture is to create a meeting. It is the exact transcript of our exchange vital need and loneliness. " The look then came the distant horizons, finally. "The looks, because they are reflections of the soul because their exchanges allow love, compassion and even liberation. The journey because it stirs the imagination of men. It defies time and geography to allow the encounter with others and with oneself. " And finally the nude. For B.Brice is the ultimate subject. It is the synthesis of art, a thematic point of view as much as technique. "It is the architectural representation of a body, the gaze that is worn on the model, the reflection of the soul that the model projects on those around him, all this challenging time, cultures, religions, says the artist. ". But above all, B. Brice is the painter of shadow and light, and likes to quote Henry Miller: "Man has the choice: let the light in or keep the shutters closed. " So let in the light.

Works of art in position

Précieux in a living room
Croisées in a bedroom

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