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Portrait Sylvie Breysse

Sylvie Breysse

Painter artist.

Born under the double sign of gemini Visionary and taken on an aura blue, Sylvie Breysse crosses the mirror and brings to light a garden of Eden where the games of shadows and copies become confused, where everything loses and takes his sense, where the hidden androgyny is revealed. Self-taught, her imagination is not inspired either by stereotypes or by lessons and its subtle technique arose from a meticulous work. Her works, where get involved harmoniously strength and sweetness evolve between sophisticated sensualism, mysticism and eroticism. Authentic painter to the unique personality, this rare artist found his place on the market of the art by imposing her own style. .

Lasts exhibitions : 2011 - Artexpo New York - Garden Gallery Bruxelles 2010 - AAF Bruxelles, Maison Centrale des Peintres Moscou, Espace Pierre Cardin Paris, Carrousel du Louvre Paris.
Also author of games(sets) of tarots : Chloé le Miroir de l’Amour, le Voyage d’Iris, L’oracle Bleu.

Work of art in position

Renaissance in a living room
Labyrinthe in a bedroom

Her gallery :

Erotic paintings