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Portrait Brikx


Visual artist

Brikx, Street Artist, Parisian portraitist born in 1974, self-taught, from the graffiti of the 80s, is an offbeat actor of the urban scene.
He intertwines techniques inspired by Op Art and figurative portraiture, with a palette of 60 colors, around the world. The artist has collaborated with the U ARENA of the Defense, the sales house of CORNETTE of SAINT CYR, Spa Resort Hotel Wyndham, crèche Babilou, the city of the space, the museum Aeroscopia, the town hall of PARIS, AIR FRANCE , the Renaissance Marriott Hotel and Maison ZOLA, the DREYFUS museum.
His playground remains the street.

"I create portraits of personalities around street signs and urban spaces. Through the symbol of the plastic brick, the first idea is to challenge the citizens, to impose an identifiable label to the crowd. I give a new meaning to Street art, in a proactive way, by associating the visibility of the places and the pixel face.
  The delivered message is above all a transmission of emotions, I touch the imagination and the childhood of each. I believe, through my portraits, a fun discovery of our history, our memories, our news, as a marker of time."

Works of art in position

Amy Winehouse in a living room
Clara Morgane in a bedroom

His gallery :

Portrait with Lego Brikx

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