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Portrait Bruno Barbier

Bruno Barbier


Bruno Barbier was born on August 2, 1954 in the suburbs of Lyon, and spent part of his youth in Africa, a period that left a strong imprint on his memory and imagination.

His studio is based in Nantes, where he has spent most of his professional career, working in the fields of graphic design, communications and teaching.

After studying at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers D'art in Paris, he hesitated for a long time between pictorial art and comic strip narration, taking part in the Angoulême festival where he won two Alfreds, a prize for a young artist and an amateur magazine. A self-taught painter, his work is inspired by cinema, photography and narrative. Indeed, he likes to create a story, a dialogue between his paintings and the viewer.

Sensitive to the slow degradation of the planet, he tells us in his own way about global warming, rising sea levels, the displacement of populations and the disappearance of species and civilizations. It's a work of memory, nostalgia and a tale of the passage of time. But it's also about the future...

Having exhibited mainly in and around Nantes in various galleries and cultural associations, Bruno Barbier has recently embarked on a tour of France, regularly presenting his work in major French cities through the Art3f shows.

Works of art in position

Trois in a living room
Apnée in a bedroom

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