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Portrait Mike Barreaud

Mike Barreaud


Born in Fontenay Le Comte, influenced by François Bidot, Michael Klein, Moustafa Ruin, Alain Simonet, Casa, Druillet Serpieri Louis Royo, surrealists and others. After numerous exhibitions in Nantes and the region, he joined a publishing house of comics, then returns to the exhibitions of fantastic erotic drawings in 2013. The fantastic eroticism allows me to draw allegories showing the power and strength of fighters that feed on the blood of the earth that are pouring men, signifying the end of the representations of women weak, fragile, sweet, vulnerable or just pretty Women serving. Everything is in black and white to add strength and contrast, the criterion and black ink are also ideal for estempés maximum gradients for rendering optimum. If eroticism remains present is to bring a touch of lightness and clean aesthetics and femininity and invite the viewer to enjoy a free and strong women. Women ready to change a dying world where men leave them a secondary place and depriving themselves, more than half of the human mind without worrying about a society or the status of women n 'not changing, is a company that does not evolve, see who regresses.

Works of art in position

Gothirock in a living room
Bambou in a bedroom

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