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Portrait Caz



Born in the early 1970s, Caz is passionate early computer graphics that he experimented with computers of the time. After studying applied arts and computer science, he will do computer graphics before moving away from creation. He begins to work on a photo of silver models, but it is the arrival of digital photography that will allow him to reconnect with visual creation and develop his own expression.

Today, his work uses photography to create images as reported from parallel worlds. It is a work of digital manipulation that uses only elements always photographed by his care and recomposed, without synthetic image or digital painting. The inspiration is wide, the compositions and the visual universe borrows from popular culture as mythological imagery and themes draw on psychology or scientific research. In wire Ariane, the concept of creation is omnipresent.

Works of art in position

Frozen Spring in a living room
Biomechanical study 2 in a bedroom

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