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Portrait Charles Jondot

Charles Jondot


Since young, as long as I remember, I always drew. I began to paint girls who told me a story, those who had of the real-life experience. I not chosen not to paint models; the beauty, according to me, is representative of their feelings.
I delight to highlight a discomfort, an environment based on the ambiguous side of decor treating very distincly
The stark contrast of my portraits also demonstrates different positions taken in the model ( undecided, envious or subdued ?). This leaves the viewer and the choice of its interpretation and let him go to his own fantasies. The party took and therefore allows to capture the canvas but also the character.
The second plan, if any, is still mostly traced over that purpose of interpretation.
"Is it real ?, Has this happened ?, Is it contemporary ?"
The models chosen are in total contradiction with the background to show how to translate own discomfort to the person itself but also by the idea that will be in the audience. Develop my model, representative of the new generation and their relation to gender, as opposed to the background more about at another time or environment totally out of sync and totally intentional and interested.
The modesty of my model and then present the timeless juxtaposition interest in the question of the observer when he lived to be seeing.

Works of art in position

Girl 9 in a living room
Girl 5 in a bedroom

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