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Portrait Claude Bastide

Claude Bastide


Claude Bastide's work oscillates around the human form, specifying the female figure tinged with a conscious provocation directed against artificial ideologies. Through the exaltation of the beauty of nudity, the female body seems to be almost metaphysical. Light is the very meaning of his photography and plays a primordial role in his reading. It invites itself in a brutal or surprising way where one does not necessarily expect it, like a caress, a tender, daring or unavowed gesture. We particularly appreciate the contrasts it provides, the colors it opposes or suggests, the path it offers to the eye. It is a thread that accentuates the feelings through delicate facial expressions and subtle body gestures trying to reconcile realism with abstraction and premeditation with improvisation.

The modern digital techniques bring him the possibility of bewitching the glance in a confused universe on what is real and what is artificial. The large formats allow him to keep his impetus and his expressiveness and to mobilize our intellect, our emotions, our conscience, and the SubliChromie® (printing by sublimation under vacuum and low temperature on aluminum) adds as much depth as precision while guaranteeing the perenniality of the work.

It is because big press and illustration agencies were interested in his work that he took the plunge and decided to make it his profession. "I also had the great fortune to be the first assistant of one of the most appreciated fashion photographers of the 90's, Benjamin KANAREK, from whom I learned a lot about the world of fashion, the rigor of work, the creativity and inventiveness necessary to obtain the expected result." He collaborated with several famous agencies (PIX - general illustration, OROP - people) and realized visuals for publicity, illustration of magazines, photos of stage, as well as many portraits of artists or car drivers on the circuit of Formula 1.

Works of art in position

Le cinquieme élément in a living room
Gimme shelter in a bedroom

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