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Portrait Charlotte Baston

Charlotte Baston


The painting of the artist Charlotte Baston is resolutely a painting of Bodies, frank, raw bodies often and especially crossed, under tension. A figurative work but certainly not realistic, which is above all expressive. The nudity of the bodies is not a nudity which would seek the beauty, even if it presents, it is a nudity which comes rather to evoke the loneliness of the bodies, and their deep vulnerability.

Charlotte Baston's works refer to often complex emotions, which combine passion, violence and beauty. A slightly sharp and visceral vision, of men and women torn and yet fascinating, who pose the essential question of the link between passion and pain. More deeply it is the tension in the human being in which the artist is interested, tension between a certain animality and a conscious mind, between interior life and exterior reality, between desire and emptiness, between life And the dead.

The techniques used add additional material, layers of paint, plaster, various papers and cardboard that express the thickness of existence, and all the walls that accumulate on men over time.

Always passionate about the expression of bodies, Charlotte Baston was a dancer before becoming a painter, and her pictorial work is for her a continuity. "With dance we express through the movement of the body, in painting we express through the body itself, transformed beyond its reality".

Charlotte Baston was born on April 22, 1977 in Lecco, Italy, self-taught painter, she exhibits her work in Paris and Île de France

Works of art in position

Lilly in a living room
Individu Elle in a bedroom

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