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Portrait David Graux

David Graux


Born April 12, 1970 in Besancon, I get my degree in Applied Arts in Paris in 1991. Back to Besancon I then devoted himself exclusively to painting. I organize my first solo exhibition in 1992, in which are grouped all my influences DALI KLIMT, SCHIELE (among others). It is from 1993 that my personal style is fully defined and I began collaborations with different galleries.

"Throughout my artistic career, the female nude has held a place of honor in my work. The materials that surround it were also a major source of inspiration, allowing me to work different materials and thus make more "abstract" in stark contrast to the figurative representation of women. The latter, touched by the brush strokes in multiple colors, and reveals in a box with carved materials, compact or transparent, alongside gradually gestures inspired by Chinese calligraphy. In recent years, my painting has been a significant change, since "dreamscapes" is declining across multiple screens, emerged from the projected unrestrained gesture on the canvas. Always on the lookout for new pictorial and especially eager not to fall into repetition, my style is constantly evolving to suit my inspiration. "

Works of art in position

Nayade in a living room
Au creux des vagues in a bedroom

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