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Patrick Guicheteau Portrait

Patrick Guicheteau

Portrait Jypc

Painter artist.

Self-taught artist, painted Patrick Guicheteau and exposes(explains) since 1976. Several periods and a constant self questioning shaped its creation. The sculpture came to complete its work from 1997 with 3D representations of women draped, inspired by its paintings.
Patrick Guicheteau's current work, beyond the personalization of the body shows that the realism of beings is only appearance. The woman is a metaphor of the creation, that is the life. A creation which plays on an interference between the reality and the unspeakable, an allegorical representation of the unity to the infinity and the note to the symphony.
Rhythms of forms, partitions of colors, repetition of motives, the interferences, the breaks, times strong or low. Almost musical play between content and form. The works of art presented here, at the Concorde Art Gallery, are representative of the hyperrealistic period of the artist. They are a playful vision to see subversive of urban realities.

Work of art in position

Interlude critique in a living room
Sortilège en kimono in a bedroom

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