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Portrait Edwige K

Edwige K


Edwige K, these are years spent absorbing art in all its forms, a journey to define his own universe through photography. She began to gather her images for about ten years, a look at the world, about life, about others ... the little things that make up our daily lives. A look at the movement of life around us, the movement, the blur, her images are rarely frozen. And more recently, another facet, a work that is close to her heart: a descent inside herself, a questioning, images, self-portraits as obvious.
She continues to explore these two paths, the street photo : life in motion (she does not know how to go out without her camera, but she never goes out to take pictures, these are the images available) and self-portraits: in movement, the frame is often fixed, and finally, it can remain empty, we are past, we are only passers-by in this world.

Her photographic career, upcoming, current or past events :
- Alençon - Festival Regards 2018
- Paris - Sensual Self-Portraits - collective exhibition - Concorde Art Gallery
- Rennes - Festival l'Image Publique #10 (série les passants)
- Tourves - Dating Photos of Tourves
- Paris - Contemporary Photography Fair
- Paris - Urbanitas 6 - collective exhibition - Rastoll Gallery (Lights serie)
- Palma de Majorque - Expolaroid (The blue tree)
- Angers - Expolaroid (The blue tree)
- Paris - coffrets Moments et Nocturnes - Rastoll Gallery
- Paris - Contemporary Photography Fair
- Vannes - Festival Photo de Mer - prix du public du concours amateur
- Vannes - personal exhibition of street photographies

and also regularly published by Visions Libres magazine.

Works of art in position

Série Robe in a living room
Série Eaux in a bedroom

her gallery :


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