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Portrait Jypc


Portrait Jypc


Born at Pierrefonds Castle in the Oise, at a very young age I felt a strong need for liberty and expressed this in my drawings, first sketches and coloured compositions – an invitation to live “elsewhere in a different manner”.  Later, as a student at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts (School of Fine Art), then as a Doctor of Philosophy majoring in aesthetics, I opted for the Art of the Nude, at the Montparnasse Grande Chaumière and in the City of Paris Fine Arts studios. And, while I “worship” representation of the female body, it involves suggesting grace and fragility at the same time as a certain wild, sometimes rebellious, sensuality – an untimely appeal to the pleasure of existing that, by means of the nude figure, would reflect the anxiety of life and death lying in wait for us. I sought the “power of existing” evoked by Spinoza for a long while. But, at the end of the day, intellectual approaches and related lines of reasoning are no longer of interest to me. Competent or not, I decided to be just a painter – a painter of women and nude women, with the deep-rooted questions it poses, like Gustav Klimt or Egon Schiele. And, finally, painting will or will not be metaphysical. Despite appearances, for me it will always imply existential probing into the futility of signs, the lure of any representation. With exhibitions in France and abroad (Ferrare, Madrid, Munich, New-York), JYPC’s art is making him a noticeable rising star. 

Some dates :

2010 : Contemporary Art Show - Espace Pierre Cardin – Business Art. ( october )
2009 : Personnal exhibition at Moisan gallery, Mazarine street St Germain des Prés
2008 : Grand Marché de l’Art Contemporain (GMAC) Bastille Paris ( november )
- Galleria e Casa editrice Alba Ferrare 
- DROUOT auctions the 18th november - 164 bis av Charles de Gaulle 92200 Neuilly s/Seine
- Grand Marché de l’Art Contemporain (GMAC) - Chatou 78400 ( october )
- Le Marché régional de l'Art - Conflans Sainte Honorine 78700 ( november )
- Art en Capitale  at Grand Palais - Paris
- Salon des Indépendants ( november 20 till 30 )
2007 : Artmonti gallery ( Ile St Louis )
- Object Art ( february )
- The three sisters ( april )
- Abstraction expressive ( july )
- « L’Art de la Paix » ( The ones ) », Atlantic College project, pioneer in the United Kingdom
2006 : - Museum of the Lithography - Houplines Lille ( march )
- Salon des Indépendants at Porte de Champerret Paris ( april )
- Madrid ( may )
- Art of nude - International show at Porte de Champerret Paris ( june )
- Grand Marché de l’Art Contemporain (GMAC) - Bastille Paris ( november )

Work of art in position

Belles de nuit in a living room
Nudisme dans une chambre

His gallery :

Art of nude