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Portrait Elka Leonard

Elka Leonard


My paintings are short films that invite into my dream fantasy world. I mix the "I" and the "game", I like that the viewer gets lost in my love at first sight and feels my emotions.
My pictorial work is colourful, in love freedom and in permanent quest of elegance. According to my image. I like the imperfect perfect, the doubt rather than the certainties, all which does that we feel alive.
I need a creative uncertain future of lack and desire so that my brain puts itself in creation mode. I paint then on the canvas these sparks which ignite permanently in me, these short films in the center of which appear the woman, the femininity and the sensualism. I'm a feelings robber. I like lighting the imagination of people, directing their fancy, opening a breach in their routine.
My creations give to those that they move the keys of a singular universe, at the same time so far and so close to the everyday life from which I draw my inspiration.
This universe does not empty, it rustles of timeless tales where the woman deceives a hardly evoked but omnipresent man. It is furnished and decorated so that each finds the place to observe or participate.
My way was all mapped out : chartered accountant, following my father. But this urgency to paint my internal sparks hijacked me from it. I keep the passion of the figures and draw by playing geometries and symmetries. Unexpected route? No, choice I think. That of not living my passion as a loophole, but as a link to everyday life.

Works of art in positiontion

L'heure attendue in a living room
Parure in a bedroom

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