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Portrait Florine Pigny

Florine Pigny

Drawer, illustratrator

Fallen from childhood in the drawing, Florine Pigny happily touch all : illustration, cartoon, caricature press, patterns of tattoos, posters, humorous personal works or dreamlike... A convergence of different practices is of interest to the body, often the main subject when there is not the support. Bodies of all shapes, ages and sexes, observed bluntly, without complacency, but always with tenderness and passion. After studies applied arts in Paris in the Boulle and Estienne schools and courses of anatomical drawing evening, rich in technical subjects but of great aridity, she discovered in 2015 the workshop of Pierre Estable at the Place of ropes. It draws shibari performance (Japanese bondage). Models are moving there, vibrating with emotion and sensuality; it is this life that seeks to grasp, she wants to keep track. Eternal quest: how to fix what is mysterious and elusiveness? Fascination also for the variety and richness of human desires, and the freedom with which some of them live away from conventions. As in sketchbooks that she constantly keeps and fills at every opportunity, drawing is a way of being in the world, a report to the other, both gift and appropriation, on the border of the animism. The artistic act becomes a pretext for a moment of intense communion, the works do not constitute as traces.

"Drawing is trying to make visible what is not seen. Raise a skin..." Emmanuel Lepage

Works of art in position

Apesanteur in a living room
Des filles et des cordes in a bedroom

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