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Portrait Freesthaii



Freesthaii is his artist name. Indeed, he was inspired by the word "freestyle" which is improvisation he tries to convey, because the art he creates is quite improvised like street art and comes mainly from the street, exactly like him. He wanted to represent this urban culture, or culture, according to his own imagination. He did a baccalaureate pro visual communication to learn some techniques he did not know. Today, it is thanks to social networks and word of mouth that he has orders.
Passionate about drawing since his early childhood, Freesthaii began to practice pencil drawing on manga drawings. As a teenager, he began drawing in his neighborhood, in Ile-de-France, getting closer to street art. He works aerosol and posca, the two main techniques he uses. Then, word of mouth coming, he begins his first fresco at the age of 16 years. Since then, he has had several orders and has dressed the walls of restaurants, bars, driving schools, barbershops and children's rooms.
His creations gaining momentum, he embarked on the painting on canvas and the customization of sneakers, furniture and various objects. He recently opened his art deco company to expand his work.

Works of art in position

7 in a living room
4 in a bedroom

His gallery :

Paintings and sculpture

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