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Portrait Guillaume Strohl

Guillaume Strohl


Guillaume Strohl was born in Versailles in 1983, from a shopkeeper mother and a military father. After a classical education, he began his career in animation. Far from the artistic community by education and profession, but has always been passionate about drawing, Guillaume Strohl have never lost sight of his real vocation, painting. Very quickly, it becomes vital to devote himself to his art and makes every effort to achieve it. He abandons his career, began studying Fine Arts and discovered the decorative painter working will influence his future paintings. He works full of passion today.

Contemporary artist, Guillaume Strohl create his paintings in plain sight behind the front of his window in Perpignan, now back in Paris tomorrow ... Demanding and perfectionist work with oil and acrylic, Guillaume Strohl says influenced both by the period of the renaissance as more contemporary artists like Ernest Pignon, Omar Ortiz, Banksy …

« In search of the perfect curve, the female body and its lines are for me the basis of my inspiration. My paintings project the feminine ideal that I represent. This is a woman assumed, free, proud, dignified. During my work, I describe life in its movement with the respect and the fascination it inspires me. One can discover the pensive, sensual, attractive, lascivious ... I work plays with textures and paint to give relief to my paintings. This material is my representation of the reality of the contemporary world. And whether of stone or rust, this apparent rigidity associated with elegant postures of my muses gives life to my work. Sensitivity and emotion that I research in this cityscape cold and distant at times but I love so much to recreate. »

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Waiting for in a living room
XXL in a bedroom

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