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Portrait Irving S.T. Garp

Irving S.T. Garp


I am a Belgian photographer.
My photographic alias is Irving S. T. Garp in reference to John Irving’s novel “The World According to Garp”.
In Irving's books, some worst disasters appear, unexpected, in the middle of sentences, slipped into a description of an common daily life.
My photos are recognized by their original and offbeat staging.
My models are anyone and everyone.
Definitively beside the usual pictures ordered by the standards of fashion and advertising, I like to show all the anonymous and social rejects of the academic good taste.
"Photography is a narcissistic art. If the photographer likes to expose himself through his photos, the model likes to be looked at, appreciating how the photographer shows them in their best light. For me this is rarely the case. When I ask my models to say “cheese” it’s a wedge of wormy rotten gorgonzola, so they need to be ready to accept that I’m going destroy a part of their image."

Works of art in position

Rayons classés X in a bedroom
La dernière pièce du puzzle in a living room

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