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Portrait Nath Sakura

Nath Sakura

Photographer artist.

Nath-Sakura was born in November, 1973 near Barcelona (Spain) of unknown parents and she was raised in an orphanage. She became a photographer because « she couldn’t paint », as she explained to Art Nou, the Catalan reference art magazine. In her early years, Nath-Sakura became a PhD graduate in political philosophy. Then, she took up a career as a professional reporter and later decided to have a sex change. Her work is mostly about this movement in-between genders and aims at showing with great subtlety the « metaphysical brutality » there is in being born again. She now lives in the South of France, near Montpellier and works for a great many non-specialized daily and weekly newspapers as a photo reporter. To date she has published five photography books and she has been given a central importance in many prestigious exhibitions. She is notably one of the associated artists of the very fashionable Bertold Foundation in Lugano, Switzerland. Both a photo reporter and an art photographer, Nath-Sakura shows the real in a tragic and quirky way through pictures yielding themselves to multiple layers of reading. She is now a well-known and singular artist among European photographers.

Career as a photographer : Prague Biennial of Contemporary Art, June 2004 Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, November 2005 Balaguier Museum in la Seyne-sur-Mer and the National French Navy Museum, 2007. Winner of the first prize in photojournalism at the Melbourne Festival, Australia, 2005. Guinguette du Chaos, Paris. Galerie Albertini, Dijon (France). Fondation Bertold, Lugano (Switzerland). Què Pasa, Vigo (Spain). WandV Galery, Berlin (Germany). Balaguier Museum, la Seyne-sur-Mer (France). Arte Lisboa, Lisboa, (Portugal), Centro Cultural De La Villa, Madrid (Spain), Museaav, Nice, (France).

Work of art in position

La dernière porte in a living room
 dans une chambre

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