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Portrait Iza Sawicka

Iza Sawicka


Iza Sawicka born in 1978 in Poland. Today she lives in Paris where she works as a professional photographer and art teacher in her spare time. She has become a fully-fledged, accomplished and recognized artist. From an early age, Izabela reveals a great interest in the arts, very creative and overflowing with imagination, she starts to create her own universe. At the age of 15, she left her hometown to enter a high school of plastic arts in Szczecin, then to the school of fine arts in Poznan and the school of art photography "AFA" in Wroclaw in order to study drawing, painting, scenography, then visual communication and art photography which will allow her to mix her different interests which are colour, scenography and painting.
From this period on, she decided to live her dreams, one of which was to settle in France and particularly in Paris, which was a childhood dream for her and which represented the city of arts and culture. It is in 2003 that she moves to Paris in order to perfect and deepen her techniques and to learn from others, with the aim of increasing her creativity, to satisfy her curiosity and her passions. That's why she joined the school of image and design MJM. In 2004, she stops her schooling to become an assistant to a photographic artist Christophe Pruszkowski and she becomes a scholarship holder at the "centre Verdier photo" in photographic research and large format camera photography where she will further develop her attraction for art photography.

From that date on, she will never leave Paris and at this time, she begins a new work and to explore new photographic tracks using her years of painting, drawing and scenography. She starts to really develop her universe by working on her photographs as a painter would do in front of his canvas. The travels, the colours, the shapes and the composition make these photographs paintings rich in emotions. What she shares with us is a clever mix of very rich staging or mixes with great harmony the soft and deep colors to transport us into an imaginary, fairy-tale world, mixing sensuality and melancholy. Izabela delivers us a message through her photographs which represent unique, theatrical, sensual and at times dramatic scenes, a little like the Italian painters of the Renaissance or closer, the American painting of the 50s (Hopper) or Bacon's power of representation. Since 2010, she regularly presents her self-portrait work through solo or group exhibitions in France and abroad. But she is also a committed artist who does not hesitate for a moment to give her time or her art to great causes.
In conclusion, this young artist photographer, despite her gentle physique, is a determined woman who conveys strong messages and defends causes that touch her deeply.

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Cage in a living room
Kiss in a bedroom

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