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Portrait of Jean-Pierre de Crignis

Jean-Pierre de Crignis

Painter artist

Born in 1959 in St Germain en Laye, he join the National Theater of Chaillot in 1981 supervised by Antoine Vitez with function to take care set decorations ( construction, put in paint, and indeed on stage and on tour ). He works with Jérôme Savary, Jean-Pierre Vincent, Jérôme Deschamp, and others with training courses of scenography, construction of set decorations, special effects to the school Boulle and especially a passage of six months in the IPEDEC, prestigious school of eye trunk, which is going to upset its life.
After eleven years of vouchers and loyal services dedicated to the theater, he becomes a independent painter decorator. Registered on the House of the Artists in 1994, he crosses by all the levels of the painting decoration : eye trunk of course, but also panoramic and sets of restorations, linen copies, paintings for cinema and theater, the skies, the ornamentations, show all this in France, in the U.S.A, in Italy, in Belgium, in Switzerland, in Mexico and others.
He made more and more original paintings with a personal linen production, in fact several hundreds this day, often exposed in gallery, gathering the classic techniques of oil, acrylic, watercolor, and pigments but also with more modern technical effects, on often very representative themes. He finds in the painting a way to express the sweetness of a journey or the sensualism of the human being, the balance of an alive nature where the realism have a prominent place, with a versatility of techniques to express exactly the emotions felt .

Some exhibitions places :

Démonia, Grand Palais, Galerie des Pyramides, Galerie mot’art, Galerie Arfang, City Hall of Pecq city and its arts lounge ( audience award, city award, theme award ), Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, Vinci, Paris auto show, Rétromobile, ….)

Work of art in position

in a living room
in a bedroom

His gallery :


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