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Portrait Ledogar



He made his debut in Rouen from 1985 to 1991 at the Fine Art School where he learned to love film photography but also and especially the nude and painting. Photography and painting are leaving no more. A great period of rigor is continued in a less abstract domain : graphic communication. In 2007, it was his first paintings and paintings on public display by a combination of professional circumstances ... he matche the success. With this success, several sets of tables are created. The works followed until now exceed fifty. Olivier painted by series and can create 5 to 20 paintings a year. His favorite formats are general format means such as 100 x 80 cm but not forbidden is greater works as "Baiser Sale" canvas 80 cm by 2 meters tall, he also painted small format.

"The key is my job" ... It is expressed through a colorful painting where the action is paramount. Abstract or figurative, it is always a pretext for an inexhaustible need to paint. It is in this time of "paint" it is given to forget time and space ... The act of painting is a discovery, an intimate experience is an inner journey. Painting is more important than the outcome of this moment. His painting is a primal painting and gesture, an expression beyond the object itself but also beyond the media.

Works of art in position

Gaïa in a living room
So loved 3 in a bedroom

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