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Portrait Malte Lehm

Malte Lehm


In 1947 an artist was born, Malte Lehm has been fascinated since childhood by creating figures, sculptures and casting forms. But what really mattered to him was the harmony of shapes and the raw beauty of it, especially the human body harmony.  From early on through drawing, scultping and casting techniques, Malte Lehm captured the harmony of curves created by nature and the natural perfection of the human body. This is his work, but this is first his passion.  « Beauty enables everything because beauty is never vulgar » (From « L'Immortelle », 1963, Alain Robbe-Grillet). Malte Lehm's RAKU ceramics are exact replicas of existing living models that were molded using silicone. All models used for the molds were 18+. During the cooking and drying processes, the materials used shrink about 10% of its original volume, giving the final product a petite aspect. Because of the specific technique of the RAKU process, each and every one of these creations are unique, there can't be two similar sculptures.

Past exhibtions : Barcelone , Paris 16°, Chine, Cannes, Vallauris, Reims, Lyon

Works of art in position

Camille galets in a living room
Louise pudique in a bedroom

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