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Portrait Michèle Narce

Michèle Narce


Michèle Narce was born in 1972 in St Etienne, where she obtained a master's degree in art sciences in 1994. By then bracketing her artistic projects to devote herself to her family life, she returned to painting only in 2012 and will present, a year later, her first exhibitions. In the canvases she creates in oil by superpositions of glacis, the realistic representation of her models reveals that it is the human body and soul that is at the heart of her approach. She evolves in her painting, as in life, in successive stages. His work in separate series is a reflection of it. She advances in concert with those who pose for her, surpassing each time a new plastic but above all emotional necessity.

After the series "De Corpore", on the theme of physical and psychic constraint, the series "Anamnesis" proposed to reveal what is of the order of the subtle and the unspeakable. Attempt to introduce the narrative of our anamnesis expressed by the body. Today, with the series "Parallaxe", it again addresses its models "Beyond fear, beyond the cry, beyond the revolt, what is it that carries you and beautifies you? And if you learn to be gentle with yourselves. "

Works of art in position

La peine in a living room
Indécente pudeur in a bedroom

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