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Portrait de Nathalie Latil

Nathalie Latil


She is the most original emerging Pop art painter of the last few years. A worthy representative of the pop art style, Nathalie Latil captivates the public with her resolutely feminine, colorful, impertinent style, but also with her unexpected technique as a stylist-modeler.

An atypical career :
Since her first pop art works in the 1990s, Nathalie Latil has grown in confidence. She especially took the bottle. And not only one! Now a confirmed pop art artist in Paris, Nathalie Latil creates works in the image of her favorite drink: lively, sparkling and explosive like a champagne cork freed from its glass corset.

Works of art in position

Acedia in a living room
L'eau in a bedroomm

Her gallery :


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