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Portrait Philippe Bousseau

Philippe Bousseau

Portrait Philippe Bousseau

54 years old

Born in 1956, I now live in Montrouge, France. A self-taught photographer, I consider myself more as an image creator. Not having any formal training in photography, I had to learn image-making on my own. I came to photography relatively late; my first love was really music. For me, photography is a form of writing. In my mind, it remains the best way to create a universe which alludes to painting, fantasy, and Woman. My work is mostly digital. I shoot with a Canon 5D, a 24-70mm and a 100mm. Shooting sessions are in my apartment with models found through my internet site. I use two Multiblitz studio flashes and various accessories. I rework the shots in RAW format in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and then in Photoshop CS4. I spend a lot of time post-processing my photos. I work to the music of Dead Can Dance, Craig Armstrong, Hans Zimmer, and Lisa Gerrard. I’ve done several exhibitions since 2008 (Saint Etienne, Montrouge, Issou, Rosny sur Seine and Souillac). I’ve also published a book entitled “Profanes” (Editions Ragages, temporarily out of print) and appeared in a few photographic magazines. This exposition is my first in Paris.

Work of art in position

In tenebris 6 in a living room
Alice 2 in a bedroom

His gallery :

Erotic photographies

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