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Portrait Emmanuel Brach

Emmanuel Brach


Emmanuel Brach was born in 1954 in France. His desire for adventure takes him to the USA where in 1985 he moved to Texas. There lives a life rich in experiences that speak through a travel diary: "The Taraya". His curiosity led him in southern Mexico, where he met Wouey Ly, a lacquer craftsman painter who shares its energy between philosophy and mastery of lacquer. The alchemy is perfect, the clashing mixture, and complexity of reflections through the multiple layers gives his works the appearance of a gemstone.

Back in France, Emmanuel Brach is moving towards the portrait, then to the naked. Today, "The Woman" takes with him his position and all her immoderation. "Pinup" or "fatal", she shines in her painting as it inspires greed and takes the function of the stand to express his sensitivity.

Works of art in position

Hommage à Elvgren 1 et 2 in a living room
Hommage à Aslan et Katsumi gris in a bedroom

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