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Portrait Rachel Bergeret

Rachel Bergeret


Rachel Bergeret was born in 1975 near Grenoble. She is a beautiful woman with a stylish and sparkling sense of humor. Very soon inspired by the Fashion and the artistic creation, she will begin as stylist before going to the Arts Plastiques. She develops her first collections in corsetry, wedding dresses and evening dresses. Fashion is a passion and it is during twelve years that she will collaborate in many collections entirely embroidered. To do this she goes every season in India where she leads the artistic creation process.
At the same time, she continues to paint and work on illustration. In 2003, she inaugurated her first exhibition "FEMME FOETUS" in Paris. It is in 2009 with her "pictorial claw" that she gives the full measure of her talent by creating her fetish character, "La midinette".

In 2011, she chose painting as the only professional activity and approaches different artistic techniques. We feel undoubtedly the touch of sewing in the paintings of Rachel Bergeret, the silhouettes are tapered and the associations of materials are unusual. Each of her collections is a firework of inventiveness imbued with her travels in India, trends, and her love for the burlesque world.
The quest for freedom seems to guide her figurative work: she finds her full bloom by portraying an assumed woman who asks her role in society ... With great attention to detail, she likes to approach this theme with lightness and derision. In 2013, she inaugurated her eponymous gallery in the heart of the Marais in Paris where she presented a real work of plastic artist. Her painting becomes sculpture.
Strong in her career as a stylist, the artist truly models the drapes of her heroines that spring from the support. This painting in volume, adorned with gold leaf, collages and materials leaves the painting to better come to the spectator.
At the end of 2014, she decided to meet her audience by offering him happenings of her painting. In the form of Live Painting. She wants to create a bridge between the street artist approach and traditional painting.

Her aim : to bring back this ephemeral and monumental art form in our interiors. She surprises her customers collectors by proposing an intuitive and vibrant painting on very large formats.

Works of art in position

Mystic in a living room
Paradoxale féminité in a bedroom

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