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Portrait Raluca Vulcan

Raluca Vulcan


Born in Romania in 1967, Raluca Vulcan has a passion for drawing since his childhood, and at 5 years old, already was making lifelike and expressive portraits. Despite this, as his parents intended her for a medical career, she has received no artistic training. After graduation, she left her country to come to France and follow the course of a school of advertising. She started in the world of work as a graphic designer before becoming a digital designer in the video game. There a few years ago she decided to devote herself entirely to art and especially naked. She is comfortable translate, in the spontaneity of gesture, expression of the body and sometimes the soul.. We are seduced by the fluidity of her oil panting, the transparency of the atmosphere, powerful and bright color harmony. Light caress a back, a face, a leg, highlights the complexion of soft flesh. Each model has a personal expression where divine serenity, reflection or happiness of the moment. It emerges from her paintings a poetic sensuality summarized in one phrase: "women flowery".

Works of art in position

Les bas roses in a living room
Caroline 1 in a bedroom

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