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Portrait Wildties

Shibari live on April 5th 2013
Pictures of this happening :
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Shibari artist

Ricardo wildties is a shibariste and an italian artist of ropes.
Always been fascinated by the fancy lifestyles and unethical as well as by the alternative sensualism, he discovers in this way the universe of BDSM at the age of thirty.
He is particularly interested in ropes and Japanese bondage ( Shibari or Kinbaku also called ), to the point of wanting to make his profession.
During his career, he explored different styles from the most esthetic expression to the expression of the most sensual and sado-masochistic of kinbaku without never forget to put in evidence the fundamental aspect of shibari, ie the relative connection between the model and the tie man.
For several years, he makes performances regularly and teaches Japanese bondage in various countries among which Italy, France, England, Holland, Czech Republic, Russia, Spain, Portugal, etc...
His bondage photographies have been exhibited worldwide including major exhibitions such as the biennial of photography in Houston, Texas.

Works of art in position

Ensemble dans le noir in a living room
Paint brushes in a bedroom

His gallery :


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