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Rik Art


Richard Mury's childhood and adolescence took place in Paris, with a seamstress mother who raised him alone. He went to school at the Saint Sulpice high school in Paris, and then to a BTS in communication, at Sub de Pub.
Richard's early childhood was marked by two seminal events: the sudden abandonment of his father, a businessman, when he was four years old, and the abuse of his elementary school teacher, from whom he had come to seek paternal protection. From this childhood of an only son, Richard acquires an unfailing sense of friendship and, despite everything, a great thirst for life.

At the age of 22, he started working in the Strategy Department of France Telecom, where he carried out communication missions for two years. Richard realizes that corporate life does not suit him, and he leaves France France Telecom to pursue his professional activity as a freelancer, with the wish to recover his freedom of action and thought. Richard's professional activities diversified to include writing for the press and carrying out IT projects for events and cultural events. Passionate about photography, he also created the character of Rik-Art which allowed him to evolve in the world of Parisian nights. There he met literary personalities such as Alain and Catherine Robbe-Grillet and discovered a cultural, aestheticized and coded universe. He was introduced to classical erotic literature and made reports on the phenomenon of fetishism.

In 2004, with a childhood friend, he founded the company Absolut French Paradox, for which he still works today. He established a privileged partnership with a wealth management journal, Agefi Actifs, and met all the players in the banking, insurance and finance sectors. During this period, Richard travels professionally or for pleasure and leisure trips throughout Europe, but also to Mali, Polynesia and Indonesia, which left him enamored of cultural diversity.

Above all a creator of images, Richard realizes artistic photographic projects around the human body, fashion shows (Luis Buchino in particular), circus acts (Cirqu'aouette), contemporary or oriental dances, and street art. Richard participates in the organization of events and exhibitions with Art Actuel, but also for his friends photographers or artists (Frederic Fontenoy, Joel Person in particular).

Member of the association Artis Fictae Turma created by Bruno Baratier, Kunihiko Kanoh and Hugues Gillet. In this context, he presents his latest works from his artistic project with Alexander Sacha

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Série 9 in a bedroom

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