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Portrait Rini Ferhi

Rini Ferhi


Rini Ferhi was born in the Netherlands in a family of photographers. She graduated in1973 from The Fine Arts Academie in Holland. Rini Ferhi has been living and working in Paris area for about 35 years now. Fascinated by the human body, she found her own way to represent it. Instead of photographing, the Artist draws with her soul and her guts, living each encounter with her models intensely, without being attached to the mere representation of their traits but rather, trying to look beyond the curves and eyes to touch their soul and ours. These drawings of a free and spontaneous Artist truly reflect her gift to meet others, instinctively knowing about their strengths and weaknesses to sublimate them better. Rini Ferhi has exhibited her Artworks in France and abroad including Germany,Holland and Shangai.

Rini Ferhi does not try to reproduce an aesthetic beauty, but, using her guts, aims at creating powerful portraits that shed a strong light on the spiritual force of each model. Using charcoal and coffee before pressing her drawings on canvas in a unique way, Rini Ferhi goes deep inside the encounter with her models, searching for herself and finding a reflection in each of them. These confident and strong women often burst outside of the framework of their daily lives to represent their flight, capacity to go beyond their limits, thus echoing another of Rini Ferhi's qualities, who recognizes a facet of herself in each Art piece.

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Trace de rouge in a living room
Odalisque affranchie in a bedroom

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