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Portrait Thomas Depaepe

Thomas Depaepe


Self-educated, Thomas Depaepe beggin to shoot thanks to a Christmas misunderstanding that made him "owner" of a digital camera. Since he "use" pictures to capture and frame his vision of women in a society dominated by men. His work draw a line from the character of women as « Femme Fatale » to women who are fighting to emerge from a dark past. Femme Fatale as an iconic character of a dangerous and seductive woman, a woman who act with charms and bad habits of mens to hyponisme and have power over men. In the other side he show resilient women who are fighting against a dark and painful past, woman as survivor trying to build their own way in the world. It’s women who are the main subject in Thomas Depaepe work, women in fight and trying to escape a man world. Highly involved by the way time find his way on skin and muscle, he have a special dedication to tattoo in his work : outside from an aesthetic vision of ink he saw inked bodies as a path of time, a story of experience and pain... a story writen on people as a pillow book.

Works of art in position

9 in a living room
2 in a bedroom

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