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Portrait Ninnah Denag

Ninnah Denag


Native of the peninsula of Cotentin and its wild landscapes bowing to dream, I stayed very early in the South of France and settled down there definitively. Fascinated for a very long time by the drawing and curious about all the styles of paintings and their technics, I've developed over time my tastes and my artistic vision.
My professional and artistic experiences were rich and varied, I firstly worked as a designer in engineering and architecture and then turn towards the training and the art of painting restoration, gilding and also copies of works of art.
I then felt the need to create and form my own universe. This one from the start was facing an intimate and sensual painting based primarily on female characters.
The atmosphere was generally very cozy. Doubtless also that my life in this period led me naturally to find atmospheres of peace of mind and rest. I headed to my new aspirations by changing my painting to a more offbeat universe choosing unrealistic urban atmospheres made ​​of atmosphere with warm colors, the woman still remains the main theme.
I work several techniques including oil painting, acrylic and pure pigments. A final touch is given to the canvas with a varnish that I make from wax.

Various periods :
Student at the School of Fine Arts - Draftswoman in Architecture - Draftswoman in engineering - Graduated in painting restoration - Restoration of paintings and gilding - Teaching painting techniques - Painter Artist

Works of art in position

Un soir in a living room
La nonne in a bedroom

Her gallery :


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