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Portrait Will Be

Will Be


For some time, Willy Bihoreau has taken again his pencils of paper and his tubes of colors to develop a whole other series of paintings which he chose to sign Will Be. Another name, for other works very different from his usual creations.
“ In the drawing and painting workshops that I have been teaching for over ten years, I have always practiced with my students a wide range of styles, techniques and various themes. This art education holds an important place in my life as an artist. I am continually flourishing there through the richness of the many exchanges of knowledge, creative ideas and other shared inspirations with the students. More than just a desire, it has become, over time, a real need in my creative moments to confront me with new experiments. «  A new space of freedom therefore, which allows the artist to indulge in a whole other practice of painting. Black and white gives way to color, drawing replaces digital work, a style is defined little by little. Thus is woven another universe, delicate and colorful, figurative, whose female subject becomes the thread.
The artist's gaze is linked to that of the spectator, offering him the complicity of these intimate contemplations. Will Be willingly bewitched by his muses poses himself as a spectator, witnessing little moments of grace, rare moments, volatile and precious where the essence of beauty seems to be fulfilled.

Works of art in position

Jugoya in a living room
The appearance of Nereid in a bedroom

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