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Portrait Caro


Painter and designer

She is born by a happy accident in Lille where her father guitarist and violinist makes a film with Higelin. It is the great Jacques who finds his name. Child of the profession raised in a community in the Paris region, Caro quickly reveals a gift for the graphics. She graduated with a degree in visual arts at the Sorbonne Arts School. In the evening, she follows the public classes of nude at the Beaux-Arts. Her younger sister coaches her under the name of Célène in the musical adventure of an album with twin voices coming out at Sony. But her passion for the curves of the naked catches up with the one who would have made a perfect model for the evening classes. Long, all curves, languid, untouchable: her women, she bends and unfolds them from every angle, crunches them as she pleases. An undisciplined descendant of Alberto Vargas, the natural daughter of Guido Crepax and Manara, a talkative pin-up herself, quickly spotted by the magazine's artistic directors, Caro illustrated the press with erotic texts by Nicolas Rey, Bénédicte Martin and Patrick Eudeline. and Jessica Nelson. This escape of the fine arts exposes here its beautiful mechanics of the bodies. An approach that allows him to explore the fundamental genres of female eroticism, with different techniques, from the venomous feature of Indian ink to the silky caress of acrylic. '' The woman here is plural, pin-up saucy, muse of a dreamlike Art Deco or object of her own fantasies of which the man is only the spectator. ''

Works of art in position

Femme et son ombre en soutien gorge in a living room
Femme à l'ordinateur in a bedroom

Her gallery :

Paintings, drawings and inks

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