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Portrait Thomas Baudel

Thomas Baudel


In a way of graphic very close to the cartoon drawing, Thomas Baudel, multi-faceted graphic designer based in Paris, based his style full extent of the iconography sexy rock n 'roll, while wielding humor and self mockery like crazy to keep headaches. Illustrator guided by the fascination of feminine curves, Thomas B. leaves the paths of traditional vector illustration and adds a high dose of rock and roll attitude. His favorite subjects are "Girls go wild" intimate portraits of rough characters but ultimately funny and seductive. As expressionist punk rock of the 21st century, its vector portraits of Lolitas, wearing only underwear (and sometimes a shirt iconic group) are images of today's subcultures. Thomas B. tells a very personal way today's generation and it's penchant for rebellion. He takes his pictures to capture the expressions and poses to redraw all in a vector style all its own : pop culture and narrative. The works of art from vector illustrator of Thomas B. are powerful anthems of rebellion of youth. A tribute to punk rock beauties, princesses goth, emo girls self-destructive, Party Girls inveterate and other wild and sexy women, worshipers of the god "Rock N 'Roll", he exhibits regularly or publishes.

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Cheer up in a living room
Easy target in a bedroom

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