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Portrait Christian Doulet

Christian Doulet


Multifaceted character , iconoclastic and earthy , painter, sculptor , Christian Doulet is a hard worker , a designer with an insatiable curiosity greedy. Self-taught , passionate creation , he comes from a family or artistic expression persisted since the reign of Napoleon.
It has a painter ancestor exhibited in the Palace of Versailles ( Veron Bellecourt ) and many members of the painters and sculptors family profession . He draws from a very young age, wearing black and white (pencil and ink ) until the age of twenty, then color.
That's when the revelation. He will now be used to great about a combination of bright colors rather translate the intensity of aesthetic emotion . It operates by successive strokes , gradually approaching the desired tone while emphasizing the volumes he wants to get . His universe are multiple. They are childish and air with " Bonshommes moon " enigmatic and humorous with the curious " Glutys " characters inspired googly eyes. We must also speak of the " Amalgam " series where animals mingle together in a symphony of colors and transparencies supported by a play of light and surprisingly beautiful.
The whole shape of our eyes the expression of a strong window shades , or a mosaic on which light transcends multiple colorations. We must also add to its singular universe if the " cailloudous " ambassadors of his painting , the " cailloumous " and many more ... He is currently an intrusion into the world of the great masters by interpreting known worldwide webs ( De Vinci , David, Vermeer, Velasquez, Courbet ... ), a mixture amalgam of animals and treatment original body based on the application of gold leaf then worked with the resin. It seeks to give new visibility to things, without fear of offending views, to reveal the beauty and poetry. A new infinite and original orientation that is sure to get noticed .
Christian Doulet exhibited in numerous exhibitions (Fall , independent French artists , art in nature animals, business'art ) and galleries. It also participates in exhibitions abroad ( Hue Vietnam , New York, St. Petersburg , Shanghai , Moscow and Monaco )

Works of art in position

La femme plume in a living room
La tentation in a bedroom

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