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Portrait Christophe Dougnac

Christophe Dougnac

Painter - Digital artist

Christophe Dougnac is born in Toulouse in 1975. He spent his childhood between town and country and quickly develops a taste for fantasy. It soon attracted by the drawings and paintings magazines and album covers that make the golden age illustrators. His vocation was born. It is manufactured a pendulum that swings from the Middle Ages to the Belle Epoque to the post-apocalyptic time and science fiction universe. He began exhibiting his work in 1997, after graduating from graphic designer. In 2007, he left Paris for 5 years as a graphic designer and image retoucher. Access to works and illustrator exhibitions stimulates his desire to create his world and his return to the West, he decided to pursue his artistic career copyright. It was during the summer of 2013 he will prepare his largest exhibition, consisting of 38 paintings and his sketchbooks (the birth of an idea). The public discovers the originals of his future book, Krystoforos universe was born. In December 2013, the release of his first book, "Way AgE Y", which he directed and edited entirely. This imaginary diary recounts the untold journey of timeless adventurer border fantastic mythology. From 2013 to 2015, he traveled to France and Belgium to meet the public where he dedicated his book. During trade fairs and festivals, he exhibited his various collections that continuously develop and produces live-painting. In December 2015, it is the release of his second book, "Have fun." The artist letting her mind wander to create female characters through crafts, stories of living, for, wanted to reinvent some legends of our history, drawing on the illustrious names of this world who were scholars , artists, scholars, creators and geniuses ...

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Métamorphose in a living room
Ambre Fibonacci in a living room

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