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Portrait Jacques Cauda

Jacques Cauda


As a writer, Cauda writes the body as the elegant cyclostome would write if he were writing. He wraps himself around words, holding life by the lips. As a painter, photographer and documentary filmmaker, his use of images owes much to his writing. He received the Prix Spécial Joseph Delteil for "Ici le temps va à pied (poésie)". He has written some fifty books: poetry, novels, thrillers, essays, manifestos, correspondence, artists' books... And he has illustrated many more. He directs the "La Bleu Turquin" collection at Douro éditions.

Jacques Cauda irrepressibly paints a whole human bestiary, an anthropological zoo. The insanities are in full flow: chilly onlookers beware. What the artist mates, he does for them. He dares to put himself in the place they dream of but will never take. He places them on the porches and in the whorehouses he builds for them. Toisons and big lips part to plunge into gay knowledge. And if the women seem light-hearted, the paintings are not. The violent reds and zebra-striped black outlines open the way to a certain pornographic violence. The author accepts the stakes to show what his usual bath only conventionally traces.
Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret
Photo : Christian Ducasse

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Févrières in a living room
Janvières in a bedroom

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