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Portrait Lionel Calméjane

Lionel Calméjane


Colourist and illustrator, Lionel Calméjane a passion since childhood for comics. Rocked by Metal-Howling Jimenez, Stan Lee, and then woke up to the art of color by the new digital wave, he loves everything colorization technique and illustration. Completely self-taught, he draws some illustrations and color for fun, what leads in the middle of french comic in 2005 Years. His profession and aspirations have led to interest loan to the whole chain of production of comics and interaction between the various trades that compose it. Author in different Pro-Zine Ganesha as the association Bubbles 92 or I Rock You, it uses its experience and partners with projects ComicVerse association, as well as Wanga Comics project, in the same period. Both actor and author in various associations such as the ComicVerse and Drink'nDraw Paris, though his influences go back to his childhood love, rock and the simple expression.

Works of art in position

Mallexis in a living room
Sexy back in a bedroom

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