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Portrait Michel De marmont

Michel De marmont


Michel Zanin de Marmont Born in SAINT MAURICE (94410) in 1946. Instinctive painter. Saint Lambert School in PARIS. Member of the company "ARTS, SCIENCES & LETTRES" PARIS Member of WHO'S WHO ART INTERNATIONAL *** By exploding the colors of his palette, the artist wanted to overflow the torrent of his imagination and channel the eclecticism of his approach. Modern painting joins the secular art of Cloisonné, winning a bold bet: Attempt to rule in the world of Abstraction! In a multidimensional universe, the vision of the painter prevails over the construction, to become creation !! The work is at once strong, homogeneous, authentic and original !!! In this quest for the absolute and perfection, we are invited to travel to infinity, letting our eyes wander through the brushstrokes ...

Works of art in position

Buste 5 in a living room
Buste 3 in a bedroom

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